Site Location: Lafayette, Louisiana

Contaminants: TPH-DRO in Soil and TCE in Ground Water that is 5 feet below ground surface.

Project Objective: Remediation of TPH-DRO in soil and TCE and its derivatives in a shallow aquifer.

Implementation Program: A TreeMediation site assessment was performed by collecting and evaluating soil and ground water data and reviewing previously developed site environmental data. A combination of hybrid poplar and willow trees were planted on the site using the TreeMediation process. This process was expected to stimulate microbial activity in both the soil and ground water and serve as a catalyst for the remediation of the contaminants.

Results to Date: After one and one-half years, the TPH-DRO in the soil has been reduced to acceptable limits and the TCE and most of its daughter products in the ground water have been reduced to below detectable limits and the remaining daughter contaminants have been steadily declining to the point that the site is now scheduled for closure.