Site Location: Oconee, Illinois

Contaminants: Nitrate, Ammonium and Pesticides in Soil and Ground Water that is 6 to 10 feet below ground surface.

Project Objective: Prevention of off-site migration of contaminant plume and soil clean up.

Implementation Program: A TreeMediation site assessment was performed by collecting and agronomically evaluating soil and ground water data and reviewing previously developed site environmental data. In 1988 a phytoremediation program was established to reduce the relative high levels of pesticides in the soil. Once pesticide levels were sufficiently reduced, grasses were established as part of program to further the restoration of the site’s soil. A partnering effort produced a program that combined our TreeMediation system with a modified Pump and Treat system (with trees and grasses as the treating medium). Hybrid poplars were established to create a source of ground water extraction across the site that would limit the off-site migration of the contaminants.

Results to Date: Soil pesticide levels fell dramatically in the three years following the implementation of the phytoremediation program in 1988. Following the implementation of the TreeMediation program in 1992 and through 1994, trees have consistently grown at a rate of between 6 and 8 feet per year. Nitrogen and pesticide levels in the ground water have steadily fallen.



Pesticide Levels (ppb) in

Ground Water Before & After Phytoremediation Activities


Pesticide Levels (ppm) in

Soil Before & After Phytoremediation Activities