Phyto-Integrated™ Remediation Systems – Advanced Techniques

Phyto-Integrated Remediation Systems – Advanced Techniques

TreeWell Technology Bio-Barrier

  • intercepting the contaminant plume in the target horizon of the aquifer
  • Can include ZVI and other amendments
  • Comparable to permeable reactive barrier wall.
“Straw” TreeWell Technology

  • extracting groundwater from extreme depths (110 feet bgs to-date)
  • addressing bedrock aquifers
  • or, in-situ treatment by recirculation of groundwater within the TreeWell column
Treatment Injections

  • Treating sinker/ DNAPL contaminants with EZVI, Vegetable Oil, etc…
Passive Air Sparging

  • Soil Gases evacuated in area of TreeWell units

Seasonally Shallow Groundwater
Designated Wetland areas