Applied Natural Sciences, Inc. (ANS) was founded in 1993 to provide specialized environmental remediation services. Within the arena of environmental remediation services, bioremediation dominates the emerging technologies in terms of cost effectiveness, viability and environmental appeal. Applied Natural Sciences offers a form of bioremediation technology that successfully uses vegetation to treat environmental contamination in soil and groundwater. These services are genuinely unique in that no other entity has comparable experience or data on their validity.

Applied Natural Sciences, Inc. has successfully partnered with other environmental consultants to provide an extended scope of remediation and environmental services. It remains ANS' position that partnering is an effective approach to managing large environmental remediation projects and is an approach that truly functions in the best interest of the client by permitting the selection of the best people for given assignments.

If you have comments or suggestions, email Edward G. Gatliff, Ph.D. at ans@treemediation.com