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Our Mission

Our pioneering experience with phytoremediation began in 1988, and in 1993 Applied Natural Sciences, Inc. was founded to provide innovative phytoremediation (TreeMediation®) services to overcome the limitations of traditional phytoremediation. Our patented TreeWell® technology was developed to allow access to deeper groundwater and bedrock aquifers, thus allowing the replacement of expensive pump-and-treat systems. It mitigates the potential phytotoxic effects of highly-concentrated contaminants through bioremediation processes in the TreeWell unit. This treatment is accomplished by naturally occurring endophytic microbes and enhanced aerobic/anaerobic biodegradation in the soil column. Our system is the only one of its kind and has a unique record of documented success in over 25 states and 4 countries.

Applied Natural Sciences partners with site owners and consultants worldwide to provide sustainable remediation under conditions not typically considered possible for phytoremediation. We are actively integrating our brand of phytoremediation with other technologies such as in-situ thermal and permeable barrier walls that we term Phyto-Integrated® Remediation Systems.