TreeWell® Technology

TreeWell Technology
– Basic Approach

  • Borehole excavated to the horizon of interest

TreeWell Technology for VOCs

  • Tree acts as solar pump
  • Groundwater is drawn upward through soil column
  • Bioreactor Effect -biodegradation occurs prior to root uptake; thereby
  • mitigating phytotoxic effects

TreeWell Technology
Bioreactor Effect

Tree is the Pump & the TreeWell unit is the Bioreactor Treatment System

  • Tree pumping draws contaminants into TreeWell Treatment Column
  • Untreated contaminants from the Treatment Column are drawn to the rhizosphere and treated by a number of potential processes
    Residual contaminants may be taken up by the plant and treated within the plant
  • Remaining molecules may pass through the plant and may be emitted into the atmosphere in the transpiration stream
    ….and then Photo-oxidized
  • (Ex: 1,4-Dioxane, MTBE, Organo-Chlorine Pesticides, etc…)

Contaminated groundwater inflows into the bottom of the TreeWell column and as the water rises through the column,
the bioreactor effect reduces contaminant concentrations by 80-90%.