Phyto-Integrated® Remediation Systems – Advanced Techniques

Phyto-Integrated® Remediation Systems – Advanced Techniques

Our Phyto-Integrated® Remediation Systems incorporate various TreeWell® technologies (see below) with other non-phyto related technologies such as Enhanced In-Situ Bioremediation (EISB), In-Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) and Electrical Rconditionsesistance Heating (ERH).  In general, the conventional technologies target source area  while the TreeWell technologies provide downgradient plume and hydraulic control.  In some cases, TreeWell technologies can also be added to the source area treatment to enhance remedial systems such as EISB.  TreeWell technologies can also be coupled with Zero Valent Iron (ZVI), Emulsified Zero Valent Iron (EZVI), Daramend®, exchange resins and other treatment/absorption media to help address source area or elevated/recalcitrant contaminant conditions.

Our Phyto-Integrated® Remediation Service employs a custom designed approach in which industry experts of a particular technology collaborate to combine our TreeMediation® program in a holistic effort to achieve remedial objectives.  Combining the technologies provides aggressive short-term effects with sustainable long-term treatment and management.  Our services include, site evaluation, remedial design, phyto implementation, phyto monitoring and coordination of the design and implementation of the non-phyto related technologies.

TreeWell Technology Bio-Barrier

  • intercepting the contaminant plume in the target horizon of the aquifer
  • Can include ZVI and other amendments
  • Comparable to permeable reactive barrier wall.
“Straw” TreeWell Technology

  • extracting groundwater from extreme depths (110 feet bgs to-date)
  • addressing bedrock aquifers
  • or, in-situ treatment by recirculation of groundwater within the TreeWell column
  • can include ZVI, EZVI, Daramend, Exchange Resins, etc…
Treatment Injections

  • Treating sinker/ DNAPL contaminants with EZVI, Vegetable Oil, etc…
Passive Air Sparging

  • Soil Gases evacuated in area of TreeWell units

Seasonally Shallow Groundwater
Designated Wetland areas