Sarasota, Florida

Source Areas & Groundwater Plumes
Near Sarasota Florida –
1,4 Dioxane with plume in Fractured Bedrock – Target Horizon (TH): 7-15 ft

Florida – Installed, 2013

2.5 Acre – mature, full vegetative canopy required removal


  • Remaining Source
  • Pump & Treat not working
  • 1,4-Dioxane plume migrating off-site via bedrock aquifer

Aquifer media:

  • Shallow (0-7 feet)
    – Sand (clean)
  • Deeper (7-15 feet)
    – Fractured Bedrock

Initial Groundwater Flow Conditions – March 2013

  • 154 Unit TreeWell System for Plume Control & Treatment – (Trees: Slash Pine, Willow, Sycamore, Cypress, Laurel Oak)

Groundwater Flow Results

  • Model predicted groundwater flow conditions at 20 gpd/tree
  • Compared to Actual Conditions in Nov., 2014

Hydraulic conditions in February, 2016

  • Comparison with the model continues to improve despite above-average precipitation during winter of 2015-2016

Remediation Results (1,4-Dioxane µg/L)

Primary Benefits

  • Shutdown of the Source Area Pump and Treat system ($300k/year savings)
  • Demonstrated “Active” remediation and hydraulic control with relatively low O&M costs
  • Anticipated reduction of plume and cleanup to target levels within 5-7 years